• Make your site accessible through audio

    Include thousands of people with vision and reading impairments. Our dream is that one day every written content online will also be heard.

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  • Expand your Audience

    Many people do not have time to read, but they can listen to any text while doing multiple activities.

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  • Words get a voice

    Humanize and add value to your posts.

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Why Audima?

Nearly 24MI Americans have some vision impairment, 112MI is diagnosed with presbyopia (symptoms include difficulty reading small print, headaches and eyestrain) and 48MI are illiterate or semi-illiterate (read below a 5th grade level). That means a big part of the US population is unable to access your message online.

We are counting on you to reshape how online content is being published, so no one is left behind on the web.

If you have a written content website, find out how easy it is to launch our player in your posts. In just a few minutes, all your articles will be available in audio for your followers.

Try Audima today and innovate your online presence by going audio! You will be tapping into a pool of people that are often forgotten online, and you’ll be staying ahead of the curve! Audio is trending in the US, with huge increase in Audiobooks sales in the past 3 years!

About Us

  • We are a startup company focused on sparking a digital inclusion movement by partnering with every online channel.

    We were accelerated at Silicon Valley’s GSVlabs in partnership with Google Launchpad, and we're now at full steam!

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How it works


1. You upload our plugin to your WordPress website.

2. You activate it and in a few minutes, all your content is automatically available in audio.

3. You’re done! Tell your followers about the new accessible format you offer.

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